Two years ago American band Thrice came back to life after a few years of hiatus along with their ninth studio album “To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere”. This record turned to be enough to satisfy music world after five years since “Major/Minor” (2011) was released.

In the meantime on the horizon there is a light for everyone who is waiting for another longplay from Thrice. Group’s tenth album “Palms” is scheduled to be released at September 14th via Epitaph Records. Below you can listen to their first single from mentioned CD, song called “The Grey”.

Thrice - Palms, Artwork 1. Only Us
2. The Grey
3. The Dark
4. Just Breathe
5. Everything Belongs
6. My Soul
7. A Branch In The River
8. Hold Up A Light
9. Blood On Blood
10. Beyond The Pines

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