8 / 10
Can't Swim
"A Death Deserves a Name"
Release Date: 26.02.2016 via

At the end of this month, in two weeks for be exact american rocers, Can’t Swim will be releasing their debut extanted play called “A Death Deserves a Name” by Pure Noise Records. So we think it’s good time to writ a short review of this cd and give you a little bit of preview what exactly you can expect on it. Maybe because of us you will listen to it by yourself 😉

Short album is opened by song called “Your Clothes” and after fist few seconds we already knew, that it’s something different, not usual with a little darker vibe, but still kind of positive and passionate. Also it’s easy to hear that melody in this particular song and later an entire cd have elements, which most people will describe as a pop music, but in bigger view it’s still alternative/rock sound. But let’s go back to the song by it self. First and last, the track is really fast and there’s a specific vocal line, or maybe it just only in my mind. Next two songs “Come Home” and “Way It Was” by time of actual hearing for me they sounds a little bit like alternative version of pop-punk music mixed with small amount of melodic hardcore – ok, mostly melodic part and no it isn’t a recipe for success. Both of them are good, sounds very enjoyable, but I really think they’re not that special.

The last two of 5 pices EP is “Right Choice” and title-track “Death Deserves a Name” and yes the’re better than previous two. Actually first of those is my personal favorite… Melody in it is very soft and listener gets a pleasure just form hearing that. Still in this track we also get very good, not stupid (it’s really important for me, ’cause sometimes I litteraly die inside by hearing stupidy in some songs) lyrics and good vocals as well. Title-track it’s the slowest song on the album, but it have some specific vibe in it and because of this you just can’t stop listening.

I think this particular release it’s for a fans of ‘darker’ alternative music with a little twist. I personaly enjoy it and because of this here’s my 8/10 points/stars/whatever 😀