9 / 10
Cold Summer
"Fight to Survive"
Release Date: 04/01/2016 via

Cold Summer is young post-hardcore band created five years ago by four musicans from Leeds. Untill now they released two extanted plays – “Transitions”, “Wake” and debut longplay titled “Cold Summer”. It’s almost hard to believe, that they’re not as populare as many other bands from the UK area. We hope it will change with their new EP, “Fight To Survive”, which will be out on April 1st.

It seems like british band doesn’t exactly follow trends in popular music and it’s good for them as for us. At the end everyone needs some variety in their lives. This time we get pure post-hardcore sound without any kind of ‘special effects’ and for sure in past few years we didn’t have enough of it. Right after first track, ”Bear Eats Out” is started we already have a chance to know sound, which band create and represent. Hard verses, a lot of melody in chorus, not typical sounds – they have opportunity to take world into their hands with this. Newest EP by the band also show us a good side of melodic rock, you’ll know it after listening to it. Practicly every single track on this release give us a catchy chours to remember. If you don’t believe in it, check “Coins Fall (But Don’t Make It)”, or “Waiting” to hear i by yourself. For sure a lot of more known bands won’t be ashamed of having those bangers in their music collections. On „Fight To Survive” we also get very interesting single song, „A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire”. For me is one of the best tracks on this entire mini-album. Great melody parts connected with a little bit of agresive sound and inspiring lyrics… it’s something worth the hype.

When I was listening to newest music by Cold Summer I get a little bit upset, that I wasn’t heard about them earlier. I really liked their sound, which remindes me in some parts about old We Are The Ocean and connecs it with modern melodic rock. They created something very great with this EP and I’m really thankfull for filling my lately created ‘music hole’. I hope british group will be big someday soon!