4 / 10
Thirty Seconds To Mars
Release Date: 06.04.2018 via Interscope

It’s been a while since new Thirty Seconds To Mars record, “America” hit to the stores all over the world, but I had a really hard time with getting myself into listening to this album. First of all the singles wasn’t exactly in my alley of expectations, after five years of waiting for the new record I hoped for really good kick for the start. And then “Walk On Water” is what I got… Ok, Song itself sounds good, but it’s typical radio hit with no background at all. There’s slightly amount of music somewhere between cheasy lines of lyrics. After all the only interesting part of this track is the chorus. Then next single hit to the music world – “Dangerous Night”, which give me another reason to be a bit confused about what’s is coming…. I hated it too! It’s another track, which sounds ok, but there’s nothing interesting, special in it. It’s just a single for people who do not have any requirements, I would say….

Finally after a month I opened my player at push the play button and immediately regreting this decision. Let me say, that “Rescue Me” is first and last song, which I like on this longplay (Excluding “Monolith”, which is more like an intro). As for the rest like “One Track Mind”, “Love Is Madness” or “Hail To The Victor” i just sit in front of my computer with open mouth and “what the f**k” in my mind. At the beginning I was wondering why, just why A$AP Rocky is appearing in “One Track Mind”… to ruin this potentially not bad track? I guess. I had the same problem with “Love is Madness”, because I do not understand a phenomenon of Halsey. Both of these songs actually had something interesting in them, but the guests are for like ‘hell no’. Especially Halsey, just please stays with your own music and do not appear anywhere else. “Hail To The Victor” had the biggest potential from this trio, the beginning of that song wow, impressive! and then cheap EDM finds out its way to this particular song… Did I have to say anything more?

If it comes to the rest of the album, “Great Wide Open”, “Dawn Will Rise”, “Remedy”, “Live Like A Dream” and “Rider” – all of these are just pretty much boring. Maybe there’s a small chance that with time I will actually convince myself to like “Great Wide Open”, because it’s not that bad as all four others mentioned… After all I would wish, that this album wasn’t make it to the public. Five years of waiting wasn’t worth it for sure, I would prefer to waiting another five just to get something more intense and better. Final conclusion … I’ll stay with my favorite songs from band’s debut album and “A Beautiful Lie” and listen to this one sometimes when my hearing isn’t that well.